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10th November
written by Downtown Dudette

In a strange Op Ed to the Arizona Daily Star Councilwomen Uhlich, Romero and Scott tried to explain that they were in fact the ones calling for investigations and audits all along.  The Op Ed which comes out at the heels of an audit released by the Arizona Auditor General regarding the spending of $230m in the Tucson downtown redevelopment project is strangely written to give the readers some sort of comfort that we have the right elected officials on the job.  Read the Op Ed HERE.

The online comments are by far the best way to test the mood of the voters come 2011.

Uhm…ladies…you do realize we already flushed the $230 million…right ?


A mayor and city council which has no credibility cannot expect the same of Rio Nuevo. Get a clue Star. Sad.


No. The time is long past. Along with close to a quarter billion with a B dollars.

A new intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Rio Nuevo Board? Sorry, that train left the station about 10 years ago.

A new focus on the Tucson Convention Center? According to the Rio Nevero audit you mention in your apologia, the TCC was always intended to be the core component of Rio Nada.

The three of you need to step aside and actually accept responsibility for being either too obtuse or completely unconscious during your involvement with this fiasco.

Now is not the time for would’a, should’a nonsense from those at the heart of this mess.


Well, I guess the blame game has started and it’s all Mike Hein’s fault. What these three don’t understand is that THEY VOTED FOR ALL OF THE RIO NUEVO PROGRAMS AND TREATED RIO NUEVO LIKE A SLUSH FUND! But its ok now we will get it straightened out. Got a news flash for you three, especially Shirley Scott who was on the council at the beginning of Rio Nuevo with Smilin Bob it is you fault and you need to be voted out the next election. You squandered over 250K dollars of taxpayer money. YOU HAD TO VOTE FOR EVERY DOLLAR SPENT, IT JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT. It really makes me sick that you say that we are attempting to straighten out Rio Nuevo. Rio Nuevo is a self standing board that is charged with spending money on projects to make more money for the TIF. You voted to spend Rio Nuevo money on whims while your hand picked Rio Nuevo Board gave you the ok sight unseen. You sold the TCC to the Board and didn’t even bother to file any paperwork. And you three have enough nerve to write an article in the paper and say we are doing something. What a crock of crap today. I think I will go throw up.

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