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10th December
written by madge

The decline of the local newspaper is real and has been going of for quite some time.  The reasons are many and it’s not limited to Tucson papers but I can’t help to take a few shots on our local dailies.

For example; Ann Brown ran an editorial on Dec. 7th about the recent Town Hall series on land use planning. The jist of the story was the community is broken, vision is lacking, the politicos can’t see beyond their next re-election, the business community can’t put together a co-herent thought and that’s the good news.  We get it, it’s the same story different verse. 

Back track a few month and take a look at who the editorial board of the Star endorsed for the last round of elections for local offices;

Pima County Supervisor
Incumbent- Valdez over Robuck
Incumbent- Bronson over Branch-Gilby
Incumbent – Bronson over Brenner
Incumbent – Day over Higgins

Pima County Attorney
Incumbent- LaWall over Roach

Pima County Sherrif
Incumbent- Dupnick over Shaw

U.S. Congress
Incumbent- Giffords or Bee

See a pattern? The paper calls for change in story after story and month after month and year after year. When they are given a chance to be a part of that change what do they do?

Deja Vu all over again.

Steve Emerine ran a great story this past week in Inside Tucson Business about the papers handling of the Rosemont Mine story. Click HERE for the article.

The Arizona Daily Star has presented at least eight major “news” stories this year supporting the contention that Augusta Resource Corporation’s proposed project to open the Rosemont Copper Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains should be killed.

Most of those stories appeared on page 1, with a couple on the front page of section B.

Lest you think the Star is not fair and balanced in its mine coverage, I also found a story, “Report: Mine would boost local economy.” It ran 16 months ago in section D. Who would be interested in news about boosting the economy?

OK Tucson newspapers here is how basic economics work;

1. People buy newspapers to get factual and balance up to date news. You have a unique market position because in the day of 24 hour news the local topics are the most interesting to many of us.

2. Businesses buy newspaper advertising based on circulation and reaching customers.

3. If people stop reading advertisers stop buying.

Isn’t it time the papers realize that they have a powerful medium that can used as a tool to actually effect change. They can be the catalyst for that change?

How about deep exposes on what other communities in the country are doing well. How about indepth stories about the persistant problems that plague our region. How about using their medium to pressure and embarass the powers that be into finally addressing some of these ongoing problems.  How about reporting on how important business is in our community’ equation. They sure do spend a lot of time on neighborhood and environmentalist issues. How about pumping up the sector that actually pays ALL the bills?

By the time they actually get with the program it will probably be too late.  Blogs like this one were created as a way to get a message out that the traditional media isn’t printing.  I am so disappointed in the way our region is running it’s time to look at pulling up stakes and moving to greener pastures.


Hat tip to Gila Courier HERE for pointing out that you can actually buy a share of Lee Enterprises, the parent company of Arizona Daily Star for .40 cents which is less than the cost to buy a local paper.

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