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16th December
written by Downtown Dudette

From Councilman Rodney Glassman’s weekly email:

SPOTLIGHT ON THIS WEEK’S COUNCIL AGENDA – This week’s Council agenda has a few interesting items. …….The City Council needs to talk about concepts likewealth-creation and broad-based service provisions, which will dramatically impact the quality of life for our residents. Strong businesses feed tax revenue, which feeds government and keeps services coming!

Finally, maybe – just maybe – the City of Tucson will start seeing the connection to a healthy business climate and strong tax collection. 

Here’s my two cents…..Hey  Mayor and Council, Council Aides, bureaucracy, development services and the guy that wrote me up for having a banner hanging from my window in my downtown business; WE COLLECT YOUR SALES TAXES! We are fortunate enough to collect your 2% because we took a big risk to open our doors. We rolled the dice, cashed in our life savings, committed everything we have (lord knows the banks were useless in the beginning stages of our venture) and took the step to open a business.  Never mind that we employ almost 90% of the people that live in our community. I guess you’re finally seeing that we are a fairly important part of the community. 

Regulate Me To Death!

City of Tucson, we go through your maze of regulations to open our doors. We wake up each morning and live in constant uncertainty as to  what’s next. Who will have their hand in my pocket today? Will it be OSHA, a workers comp issues, a new business license I need, an unemployment claim I need to fight from an employee that should have been fired years ago. Do I need to get in the middle of a court garnishment for back child support from my manger?  Will the board of health come knocking? Will the federal government push corn based ethanol ( we all know the corn farmers have such a huge lobbing arm in DC). The ethanol revolution jacked up every single commodity price I pay from my suppliers? Of course I can’t pass along the price increases to my clients because they’ll stop coming – they are hurting too! I really don’t think you realize the ramifications on some of your decision. Rainwater harvesting, plactic bag ordinances, kidco, JobPath, an access cable channel, come on!

Development Services NIGHTMARE!

Heaven forbid I have to go to you for anything to expand my business. I’m so terrified about changing anything in my old ‘grandfathered’ building that I won’t even try. The stories I hear from fellow small business owners about having to move my toilet 1″ to the right, or that the new doorway they put in needs to be moved 1 foot to the left.  Never mind that the city design review ‘god’ downtown approved my neighbors plans said all was good to go. The inspector in the field told them it had to be changed and ‘wasn’t up to current code’ and had to be redone. It took my friend 8 months to open up their business on 4th Avenue. Do you have any idea how 8 months of writing checks without income feels? Of course not, even as we are experiencing some of the toughest economic times since the 1920’s I still don’t see the local governments laying off employees.  


CofO Process Broken

Oh and if I raise my head too far up you’ll learn that I don’t have a CofO(Certificate of Occupancy) and because I am downtown, I can’t meet your new parking requirements. My building was built in the late 50’s and you’ve changed the calculations at least a dozen times. What about the charm and character in an old building?  Why don’t you take some of the extra parking spaces and major heat islands from the new shopping center near my house. I have NEVER seen that parking lot more than half full. Who comes up with these calculations anyway?


Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes!

Then you tax me. I collect your 2% sales tax and have to report it and pay it monthly. But what about the County’s Personal Property Tax. This one is great! I pay a tax on every piece of equipment, every chair and every fridge my new meat slicer.  If I go out and buy something new I have to report it to you and pay a tax on it…FOREVER.  I paid you sales taxes when I bought it shouldn’t that be enough?


Truth in Bonding – Where are the roads?

Add in my exorbitant property tax bill I pay to Pima County for the privilege of letting the County plan, build and maintain the infrastructure….you know the roads, bridges and mass transit.  I should say LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE. We are STUCK IN THE 1970’s.  I voted for your 1997 bond package to fix roads AND I voted again for the RTA package. Come to find out over 2/3 of the RTA projects were the same projects unbuilt roads we approved in 97′. 


Oh Give Me A Home – Where The Pygmy Owls Roam

Here’s a thought, why don’t you take your credit card and max it out to purchase more open space. You have something line $200 million already lined up and now I hear your going back to me to approve another $500 million.  Am I missing something here…..open space?! I love the desert and environment as much as the next guy but how about a freeway or a easy way to go from east to west?  When a community values wildlife more than people we have a problem.

Did I mention that I lost 30% of my business since January? All those construction workers that used to come by for a beer after work, gone. How about we find some different industries other than construction?

Rio Nuevo…..I don’t even want to go there – I guess I’m not alone.

Wonder if I’ll make it?

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