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28th March
written by clothcutter

From the Ward 1 incumbent:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Our campaign is off to a great start (that’s what Grijalva told me to start with).  Our team of volunteers has collected the maximum of required nominating signatures from our neighbors in Ward One, and now we’re on to the next phase.  But these are tough political times, and we’re not taking anything for granted.  In Tucson’s last city election, Republicans managed to score a narrow victory (63% is more like a decent whoopin’!)  by using independent expenditure committees and nasty anonymous attack ads. (You mean threatening layoffs and holding back revenue reports to scare voters was noble?)  Things didn’t get any better for us in 2010: we lost one of our finest (Nancy Young Wright, really?) state reps to a Tea Party novice, and watched helplessly as Governor Jan Brewer sailed to victory on corporate tax giveaways (Gadsden’s not a giveaway? Free Rent to Maynards, but not to others at Depot?) , anti-immigrant legislation and massive education cuts.
This year’s upcoming city election is about more than just Tucson.  It’s about whether Republicans and their corporate backers (yes, the Pima Dems refuse checks from business people!?!) can continue to erode Southern Arizona’s progressive strength (Progressive strenth like $230 million of Rio Nuevo waste, Westside embarassments like Gadsden and Mission Gardens?) and inject Pima County with the kind of politics that have embarrassed our state on the national stage. 
I am the only Democratic candidate (and pre-endorsed by Jeff Rogers and the Pima Dem Party, that doesnt’ sound progressive) in this year’s City Council election cycle facing opposition in the Primary, so we especially need your help now. We are trying to complete our fundraising by the end of May for the election August 30.  I am participating in the City of Tucson’s matching funds program, so each dollar you give is doubled, and will enable us to send a strong message to voters. The maximum contribution is $430—but your contribution of $10, $25, or $50 will prepare us to overcome the challenges ahead this election year.
Click HERE to contribute to my campaign today and stand up for our families, neighborhoods, and businesses!  (Having a business roundtable doesn’t mean you actually care about business.)
In community,
Regina Romero
P.S.  We still have a long way to go, and we need volunteers to help bring my message to the voters in our neighborhoods, click HERE to sign up for a shift!  We need your help knocking on doors, making phone calls, and helping out at events!

P.S. #2:  My husband and I are still using Ruth McClung campaign signs to protect our driveway from a nagging dripping oil pan on our car.

10th November
written by Downtown Dudette

In a strange Op Ed to the Arizona Daily Star Councilwomen Uhlich, Romero and Scott tried to explain that they were in fact the ones calling for investigations and audits all along.  The Op Ed which comes out at the heels of an audit released by the Arizona Auditor General regarding the spending of $230m in the Tucson downtown redevelopment project is strangely written to give the readers some sort of comfort that we have the right elected officials on the job.  Read the Op Ed HERE.

The online comments are by far the best way to test the mood of the voters come 2011.

Uhm…ladies…you do realize we already flushed the $230 million…right ?


A mayor and city council which has no credibility cannot expect the same of Rio Nuevo. Get a clue Star. Sad.


No. The time is long past. Along with close to a quarter billion with a B dollars.

A new intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Rio Nuevo Board? Sorry, that train left the station about 10 years ago.

A new focus on the Tucson Convention Center? According to the Rio Nevero audit you mention in your apologia, the TCC was always intended to be the core component of Rio Nada.

The three of you need to step aside and actually accept responsibility for being either too obtuse or completely unconscious during your involvement with this fiasco.

Now is not the time for would’a, should’a nonsense from those at the heart of this mess.


Well, I guess the blame game has started and it’s all Mike Hein’s fault. What these three don’t understand is that THEY VOTED FOR ALL OF THE RIO NUEVO PROGRAMS AND TREATED RIO NUEVO LIKE A SLUSH FUND! But its ok now we will get it straightened out. Got a news flash for you three, especially Shirley Scott who was on the council at the beginning of Rio Nuevo with Smilin Bob it is you fault and you need to be voted out the next election. You squandered over 250K dollars of taxpayer money. YOU HAD TO VOTE FOR EVERY DOLLAR SPENT, IT JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT. It really makes me sick that you say that we are attempting to straighten out Rio Nuevo. Rio Nuevo is a self standing board that is charged with spending money on projects to make more money for the TIF. You voted to spend Rio Nuevo money on whims while your hand picked Rio Nuevo Board gave you the ok sight unseen. You sold the TCC to the Board and didn’t even bother to file any paperwork. And you three have enough nerve to write an article in the paper and say we are doing something. What a crock of crap today. I think I will go throw up.

8th April
written by JHiggins

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

At the April 7 City Council meeting, I, along with three of my
colleagues, voted for a change in management and a new direction for the
City of Tucson. Deputy City Manager Mike Letcher will become our interim
City Manager as we look toward hiring a new City Manager. I feel
confident Tucson will be moving in a new, positive direction.

Please know I have complete confidence in the professional, competent
City staff that continue to work for all of us. They will help the
Council and Mayor deliver a balanced budget for 2010 in a timely manner
with a clear public process. The City Charter requires the City
Manager’s recommended budget to be delivered on or before May 1 and
this year’s budget is scheduled for April 21.

Our country is facing a budget crisis and Tucson is no exception. We
need to cut or find revenues to bridge a multi-million dollar budget
gap. The cuts will come from City departments, City employees, Outside
Agencies and new revenues. With your recommendations, I know we will
find a fair way to share the burden while continuing to deliver
important services for our community.

The Council pushed for an additional public hearing on April 28. Please
come prepared to share your suggestions.

You’re invited! Budget Public Hearing – Tuesday, April 28 at 5:30
p.m. at the Tucson Convention Center

Additional public hearings on the budget will be held at Tucson City
Hall, 255 W. Alameda, in the Mayor and Council Chambers. Please mark
your calendar.

Tuesday, May 5, at 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday, June 9, at 5:30 p.m.

There has been a lot of speculation about the City’s relationship
with the Arizona Legislature and how that might affect Rio Nuevo funds.
I share the Legislature’s concerns about management, accountability
and transparency and believe our action last night should help address
their concerns. We will continue to work together to reform Rio Nuevo. I
want to finish projects approved by voters and those that are
revenue-generators that will connect Downtown’s east and west sides.

Last night I was elected by my colleagues to serve as your new Vice
Mayor. I take my responsibility to serve my constituents very seriously
and will do my best to maintain the excellent service provided by former
Vice Mayor Karin Uhlich. I look forward to working with you.

In Community,


Vice Mayor Regina Romero

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