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10th April
written by Mike

Help Wanted – City Manager, Tucson, AZ.  The exciting City of Tucson is  desperately seeking a new city manager. Join one of the fastest growing communities in the southwest.  Tucson’s budget is upwards of $1 billion, our population is 1/2 million and you’ll be directly responsible for 4500+ employees. Make the leap to the big time, we suggest you rent not buy, no telling how long you’ll be here.

You will become a part of a dynamic team of ‘can do’ elected officials.  Although we’ve had some tough economic times you’re not allowed to cut anything or impose any ‘revenue enhancements’ unless they apply to the business community.

Tucson is a 21st century community with a vibrant downtown  with world class developers,   booming industries. We have top notch class museums, eclectic restaurants and a large artist community.

 – You must be able to count to 4 (used to be 7 but that sort of changed this week)
– You must be able to take orders. Free thinkers, visionaries, leaders of any kind need not apply.
– We aren’t sure if you need to live in the city limits or not. We know our local school district, is getting a abad wrap so you may want to live in Oro Valley. OV is A community  just North of Tucson. Just ask any of our police officers, they’ll show you the safeesr neighborhoods to raise a family in.  Our communities lack of transportation planning infrastructure will make your commute to downtown a little over an hour. You’ll be tasked to fix the transportaion problem but it must involve light rail, public buses and you absolutely can’t move or harm any animals or plants in the process.
– If you’ve ever re-developed a downtown, don’t even bother to apply. We got that covered.
– If you owned a business, your parents were small business owners, you read the business pages of the local paper or even know how to spell BUSINESS. Don’t bother us.
– Education Requirements; you must have a degree from –  Univ. of Santiago de Cuba, Univ. of Leipzig. We don’t care about your grades.
– Background in teaching graffiti or any type of art would be helpful.
– You absolutely MUST be a democrat. Not a from the progressive wing, or Blue Dog.

We pay a lot. We aren’t quite sure how much since our entire finance department ‘took early  retirement’.   Don’t worry we’ll figure it out, we’re in the middle of the budget process as we speak.

Contact any of our elected officials via there personal email.

From today’s Citizen

No timetable has been set to find a replacement for Hein. In the meantime, Deputy City Manager Mike Letcher is leading city government – but Letcher has said he plans to retire in November.

Finding someone competent and willing to run the city must certainly be the primary responsibility of the council. But there are other pressing matters:

• The Rio Nuevo downtown redevelopment effort may be threatened.

Money diverted from state coffers is key to Rio Nuevo’s progress. But some legislators displeased with the slow pace of Rio Nuevo have threatened to cancel future funding.

Hein was in direct charge of Rio Nuevo, and his departure further muddies the downtown waters. Who will now be in charge? And will that mollify or anger legislators who have their hands on the purse strings?

• The city budget is awash in red ink this year and next. Hein had several ideas for addressing that, all of which now are in limbo.

Hein had hoped to renegotiate contracts with the city’s unions to cut $10 million in costs. Those talks, led by Hein, were ongoing when he was fired.

Hein also asked the council to increase revenue by $5 million per year through higher fees or taxes. The council has not addressed that.

And Hein asked the council to decide how to cut $4 million from funding to outside agencies. The council has not addressed that, either.

• Hein had announced plans to merge the Urban Planning and Development Services departments, with some jobs eliminated. Hein was overseeing that effort, now in limbo.

Savings from the merger were to help ease next year’s budget problems.

• The city is about to refinance millions of dollars in bonds and certificates of deposit for lower interest rates and to delay some payments because of budget problems. That is in limbo. More refinancings were planned for next year.

It is not known what Hein’s sudden departure will mean for interest rates. Will bond buyers demand higher interest payments because of uncertainty at the top?

Steve Leal, Regina Romero, Shirley Scott and Karin Uhlich – the four City Council members who voted to fire Hein – have said that dispatching him would clear up a lot of problems within the city.

But they are more likely to discover the problems have been magnified and intensified.

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