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14th October
written by Arizona Kid

HERE’s a link to Gila Courier’s analysis of crime stats in Tucson.  They compared Tucson to equally sized Arizona city, Mesa and border city El Paso Texas.  El Paso’s neighbor across the border, Juarez Mexico is one of the drug hot spots the State Department warns tourist about.  El Paso is the safest city over 500k population in the US!

Our politicians like to tout a 30% decrease in crime since 04′. The fact is we had more murders in Tucson last year than any years since the late 80’s. The FBI changed their reporting process and that’s a big contributor to the down tick. Strengthening federal protection of the border and flight out of town of thousands due to a tough job market also contributed to the numbers staying somewhat flat.

The real question to ask is are you safe? Would you let your family visit an inner city park at night? Do you hold tighter to your purse when you are out in public? Do you hide your iPod when you lock the car up? Is gang activity on a up or downward trend?

1st April
written by JHiggins

Forbes magazine ran their annual top 200 metro regions to do business in and Tucson didn’t do so well. The big numbers that jump out to me are the job creation and crime ratings.  Interesting how these two numbers, arguably our regions two biggest pressing problems are skewing down the entire rating. 

We know the job creation number is directly related to the fact that Tucson relies too heavily on the growth and construction industry. During boom and bust cycles our collective fortunes rise and fall.  We’ve talked about diversifying our economic base for ages and yet nothing really ends up happening.  GTEC, predecessor to TREO, focused on call centers which may not be too far off base given our available labor pool.

The stat that leaped off the page for me was the crime statistics. No matter how you slice it if the people aren’t safe they  don’t buy houses, shop in business and  come to our community. We are in the process of hiring a new police chief so I hope our elected officials don’t mess it up.  Public Safety funding is another important aspect of a safe community. We are well under national levels for police per population and it’s starting to strain the community.  Our government must start focusing on the basics before we tackle all the council pet projects.

Best Places For Business And Careers

#133 Tucson AZ

03.25.09, 6:00 PM ET


Colleges 1 113
Cost of Doing Business 2 105
Cost of Living 3 128
Crime Rate 4 190
Culture and Leisure 5 102
Educational Attainment 6 72
Income Growth* 145
Job Growth* 72
Job Growth Projected 7 195
Net Migration* 23
Subprime Mortgages 8 84
College Attainment 6 26.8%
High School Attainment 83.7%
Median Household Income $44,656
Income Growth* 2.2%
Job Growth* 1.6%
Job Growth Projected 7 -1.4%
Unemployment (2008) 4.9%
Subprime Mortgages 8 17.1%
Median Home Price $204,400

Metro Area Population: 988,000

Billionaires: None

Best Big Companies: None

Best Small Companies: Providence Service

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17th December
written by Arizona Kid

Cutting Crime Pays — But At What Cost?

There isn’t a city that is escaping the knife in 2009 (if there is, please let me know). Budget cuts are coming, dashing the hopes of many cities to implement better transportation projects or sustainability plans. They’re also taking a toll on schools, libraries, fire departments and police stations. But out in Los Angeles, where the weather is predicted to be a balmy 72 this weekend, police chief William Bratton is adding more cops.

The city is adding 1,000 police officers, pushing its force levels in the Los Angeles Police Department to above 10,000 for the first time. Even as the city faces a more than $400 million shortfall for this fiscal year and next, the police budget — the city’s most costly department — is emerging largely unscathed.

— Wall Street Journal

Bratton has been at the job in LA for the past six years and overseen a dramatic drop in crime. According to the WSJ, Los Angeles is on target for 374 homicides this year, compared with 647 in 2002. (As a comparison Philadelphia, a city about one-third the size of LA, recently hit the 300-homicide milestone in a particularly macabre way.)

In order to prove that cutting crime is worth its cost, Bratton has been seriously crunching the numbers. Apparently, each homicide costs LA $1 million. Another $13 million has been saved in prison costs, more money saved with the 31 percent reduction in auto theft. Essentially, Bratton seems to be saying that the city reaps a good return on investment with money spent on cops. Add to that the safe feeling of being able to go outside, and you can imagine that people spend more money and are willing to invest in the city.

Diana Lind | Thu, Dec 4th, 2008 | Category: Commentary | City: Los Angeles | Tags: philadelphia, los angeles, diana lind, budget cuts, william bratton, auto theft, homicide rate, 2009

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15th December
written by Arizona Kid

One of the important variables that determine quality of life in our region is the amount of violent crime. Crime statistics translate to real life decisions on where families move and where or if industries come to our community.  Clothcutter ran a blog post HERE detailing just how big of a problem we have here in Pima County.

From FBI statistics:

The Phoenix violent crime rate (per 100,000) is significantly lower than it is in Tucson. Both are higher than NY City. These states ONLY include crimes reported to the FBI, for example illegals, drug addicts, homeless etc are often not reported as crimes.


I came across a listing of all the known local gangs and their georgraphic region kind of shocking:

-Western Hills Posse Bloods (S of 36th E of Kino PKWY to Country Club (by Utterback); also some activity around 29th ST/Swan)
– Barrio Vista Bloods ( S of 36th E of Kino PKWY to Country Club (by Utterback) )
– 36th Street (Tre Six Bloods) (36th and Kino Area)
– South Park Family Gangsters (bloods) ( 36th and Park Ave area)
– Southside Blood Gang (unsure exact location)
– South Side Posse Bloods (various areas around Valencia and 12th ave)
– South Palo Verde Bloods (southside off Palo Verde road/ Valencia/Irvington)
– Mission Manor Park Bloods (between Irvington/valencia off of 12th ave)
– Edith Street Posse Bloods ( North of Grant between Country Club and Alvernon)
– East Side Posse Bloods ( spread out, but I know some live between 22nd and 29th around Craycroft Swan, etc)
– 29th Street Bloods (29th street, approx Craycroft to alvernon)
– V12 Bloods (valencia/12th)
– Midvale Park Blood Gang (Mission to Midvale Park, North of Valencia south of Irvington)
– Eastside Crips (Golf Links and Kolb area spreading out as far as Santa Rita HS)
– 29th street Crips (29th street spreading from Kolb to Craycroft?)
– Northside Crips ( NW side of town Orange Grove La Cholla?)
– 4th Avenue Sugar Hill Crips (Speedway to Grant, 1st Ave to 6th ave)
– Westside Crips ( Spread out over westside of town, from Cholla high south)
– Jollyville Crips ( Small hood located north of speedway, south of grant, east of silverbell)
-12th Avenue Crips( southside 12th ave area)
– Southside Loco Crips ( both sides of irvington, west of campbell east of park)
– A Mountain Crips (area just east/ SE of Cholla High School)
– 10th Ave PJ’s Crips (North of 22nd of 10th avenue, just south of downtown by Drachman elementary)
– Menlo Park Crips ( South of St Marys road, west of 1-10 )
– Barrio Loco Crips (unsure)
Littletown Crips (Littletown neighborhood)
– Southside Crips/ Bilby Street Crips (Irvington to valencia, Campbell to Old Nogales HWY)
– Manzanita Park Lynch Mob Crips ( Mission to Cardinal, South of irvington north of Drexel Rd.)
– Surenos (located in various parts but primarily southside)
– Sur 13 Easy Riders (unsure, Southside)
– Eastside Brown Pride (all over eastside)
– Southside Brown Pride (all over southside, possibly north of valencia and 12th/6th ave area)
– Northside Chicanos (north of grant, south of Ft Lowell, 1st ave to Stone)
– Barrio Chicano Southside (42nd street to irvington, 6th to 12th ave)
– Barrio Libre South Tucson (City of South Tucson)
– Barrio Nuevo Loco (primarily by the Pascua Yaqui reservation)
– Barrio Santa Rosa (north of 22nd south of downtown)
– Barrio Viejo (same as above)
– Westside Barrio Hollywood ( St Marys to speedway, 1-10 to silverbell)
– Westside Barrio Sovaco (speedway to grant, 1-10 to silverbell)
– Westside Barrio Anita (speedway to 6th street, 1-10 to oracle/main)
– Barrio Kroeger Lane (North of 22nd, just west of 1-10)
– Barrio Centro (south of 22nd street, country club to aviation)
– Barrio Vista Brown Pride ( South of 36th street, Kino to Country Club)
– OP1 (Old Pascua) (North of speedway, to grant, 1-10 to oracle (by the movie theatre)
– Barrio Blue Moon ( same as above, but more towards speedway)
– 22 St Tiny Dukes (NW side of town Orange Grove up to Cortaro farms 1-10 to La Cholla)
– Brown Mexican Pride (southside, unsure approx territories)


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