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11th April
written by madge

Fast forward to 2.22 in the video for the best question of the year:

Ann Brown -“It was such a close vote, 4-3, what does that say about this council’s ability to come together, to draw concensus.”

Councilwoman Uhlich – “This council has voted unanimously over 90% of the time.”

Ann, the problem with the budget, Rio Nogo,  the inability to raise or cut anything, funding of pet projects and the general complete lack of leadership  is the fact that there is no dissention. No one steps out of line. When one member does deviate they beat them back into submission.

Ann the questions should have been “This council has been known to vote unanimously on just about everything.  This dissention is a major departure. Does this signify  a change in direction? Are we going to see more of this going forward?”

Even Kimble hit them with the Mike Hein is a scapegoat in his editorial. Yours didn’t even address the lunacy just went to the, “what now” question.

6th March
written by clothcutter

I have noticed in our local screed and other places that they are calling on the Republican majority in the Arizona Legislature to come up with “creative solutions”.  They do not want anything to do with cutting taxes or shrinking government.  They also don’t want to come out and say “tax everything”.  So they lament about the legislature not listening to our ship-jumping previous governor and call for creative solutions(like putting up camera radars everywhere and fining our way back to financial health, thanks Janet).  I almost forgot, the Ann Browns(AZ Star editor) of the world actually never come up with “creative solutions”.  So I ask you, our growing audience, what do you suggest to help balance our budgets?  Remember we must be creative!

Clarification: the above photo is not meant to represent any newpapaper’s editorial staff.  It’s there to inspire creativity.

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