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19th March
written by clothcutter


To follow up on a previous post:

It seems that our motorcycle riding City Manager has not managed (pardon the pun) too well since that post.  In just the last couple of days, we have seen him using his wife’s e-mail account to conduct city business and Rio Nuevo is pretty much dead(the official ax is imminent).  Mr. Hein’s seems to be working from a very defensive posture.  He almost seems like he’s looking for his next job and doesn’t want to rock the future job-interview boat.  As a service to him and the community, I have searched for some jobs that might suit him.

Link to site:  http://www.govtjob.net/

Featured Job Opportunities:

 City Administrator, City of Connell, WA; Apply by April 19, 2009 (first review, open  until filled)

 City Manager,City of Redmond, Oregon; Closes May 8, 2009

 Borough Manager, City & Borough of Wrangell, Alaska; Closes March 29, 2009 (first   review, open until filled)

 Deputy Director, Chelan County, WA Regional Justice Center; Closes April 5, 2009   (first review, open until filled)

 City Manager, City of Columbia, SC; Closes April 20, 2009

 Fire Chief, City of Oroville, CA; Closes March 27, 2009

 Director of Parks and Trees, City of Oroville, CA; Closes March 27, 2009

 County Administrator, Blaine County (Hailey), Idaho; Apply by March 8, 2009 (first   review, open until filled)

 Village Administrator, Village of Kildeer, Il, Closes March 20, 2009


I think the “Village Administrator” job in Kildeer, Illinois looks challenging, but I think Mr. Hein might be able to handle it.  You have had a rough time here, Mr. Hein.  You’ve tried your best and it just wasn’t enough.  Good Luck on your new job! 

And remember as Bill Clinton’s wife once said “It takes a village”.

19th March
written by Downtown Dudette

A coalition of representatives traveled up to Phoenix a few weeks back for an update of the TIF funding for Rio Nuevo. We ran the story a few days ago - HERE.  The Tucson delegation’s performance was unprepared and the legislators where under whelmed.

What did come out a few days later was that our Southern Arizona legislators, Antenori, Melvin and Paton, changed their minds and decided to support continued funding of Rio Nogo.  With conditions.

The conditions for continued funding focuses on all Rio Nuevo TIF funding going ONLY to the arena and hotel – PERIOD!

Tuesday Romero and Trasoff initiated a motion, which was passed, to take $3 million in Rio Nuevo funds for a project west of the freeway. Clearly not what the legislators had requested.  Word is leadership is not happy. Who knows what next. The City of Tucson is definitely playing with fire on this one. Stay tuned folks.

Rio Nuevo’s mission gardens on the way

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 03.17.2009

What is it?

Mission Gardens is an agricultural area along the bank of the Santa Cruz River associated with the Mission San Agustín — Tucson’s cultural birthplace. Rio Nuevo is re-creating the gardens as part of its replication of the mission complex, which included a two-story convento, a granary and other buildings.

What will it cost?

The estimated cost is $3 million, to come from Rio Nuevo funds.

When will it be done?

The project was originally slated for completion in 2010, but city officials now believe it will be done within months. — Rob O’Dell

19th March
written by madge

The Star ran a story today about a series of emails that went back and forth between City Manager Mike Hein, Councilwoman Nina Trasoff, Mayor Walkup’s aid, Andrew Greenhill and former City Manager and current representative of the UofA Joel Valdez and two Rio Nuevo beaurocrats; Shelko and Barr.

The jist of the story is an attempt by all or most of the parties involved to spin the crazy spending going on with Rio Nuevo funding.  It’s bad, smells of incompetency at best and cover up on the City’s side at worst.

Walkup denied knowing anything about e-mails his chief of staff wrote, although he received some of the e-mails in the chain.

The mayor said the point is the city has not agreed to foot more of the bill for the science center, adding the e-mails were “preliminary” and “just conversation.”

“I don’t know anything about e-mails,” Walkup said. “E-mails do float back and forth. … An e-mail is an e-mail.”

Anyone want to explain to me why the Star didn’t address the fact that elected officials, representatives of the mayor and our city manger used personal emails to communicate on such a sensitive subject? 

If you answerd  they were concerned that through the Freedom Of Information Act that all public emails systems are open to the public you would be correct.  Hey guys, if your going to avoid the public don’t copy recipients that are using public email addresses.

Real bright folks. I sure hope someone has a tape recorder rolling somewhere.

Read em and weap or read em on the way out of office  – HERE.

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