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13th March
written by Arizona Kid

Ms. Trasoff

Ms. Trasoff has announced she wants to selectively revise the Tucson Land Use Code.

Bully for her.

But it is time to COMPLETELY revamp the antiquated Tucson Land Use Code and not perform some selected minor elective surgery.  Ms Trasoff you are wrong – again!

A total revamp of the code is what is needed to create a brighter future in Tucson.  But revamping the code will be a dangerous task for her to accomplish and the reason Trasoff and Company do not wish to pursue this endeavor is because their neighborhood special interest group allies do not want this to happen. 

These are the same folks who help elect Trasoff and her Democrat crew along with BIG LABOR.  That is why she has been so unwilling to make any substantive changes to happen and only reluctantly suggests some tinkering with the code.

Is it in Tucson’s best interests to continue to elect council members who are beholden to special interest radical neighborhood groups and BIG LABOR who lead our City Council around the nose on issues which are so important to ALL Tucson?

Rio Nuevo was to be Ms. Trasoff’s jumping off point to run for mayor of Tucson. 

She had hoped for success with the project and so did each of us who also wanted there to be a vibrant downtown.  That is why local community leaders and myself worked so hard and sacrificed our personal reputations at the Arizona Legislature to expand the TIF only to be embarrassed by her and the council.

Trasoff, the rest of the council and her supporters squandered the most positive business cycle in half a century flopping around like a fish from one failed concept after another.

Further, Ms. Trasoff sanctioned selling $80,000,000+ of bonds at the worst possible time in an effort to threaten the Legislature against cutting off the TIF expansion. 

When the bonds were sold Trasoff said this was one the greatest developments for Rio Nuevo.  Trasoff says she “owns” Rio Nuevo.  If she does then let her sink with this stinker.

This week Ms. Trasoff will announce she plans to seek re election.  Her bid MUST be rejected.  She is an amateur who is in charge of millions of our dollars and while she would believe our tax dollars have been well spent she and her friends are delusional.

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